Life and Paradox

The following stuff is something I wrote in my college lab when I was impatience and thoughts were provoking me for some time before I had to do the lab works. I went with the flow without any prior vision on what I was gonna write. Trust me, following writings don’t make any sense, perhaps. [ I have absolutely no idea what I have written. -_- ]

I am paradox and there exists a theoretical limit to human mind that any imagination is not unbound yet there is something that meets the eye.
The eye itself is an absolute organ to wisdom. Wisdom is something that is derived from mutation of knowledge with experience. Yet, there exists a paradox on how much wise a man is even if there is no bound to the lies s/he tells.

You suffer; you struggle.
Struggle is the path to the wisdom and yet there lies a paradox on how much one can tolerate. Tolerance is eternal; knowledge is bounded. Endurance is a paradox. Paradox in a sense that you never know how much a mind can endure until you have exposed everything to the mind.

You can laugh; you can cry.
It’s ok to cry. Cry you heart out. Crying is a spiritual path to let your sufferings out to the ever paradoxical world. You can laugh your ass off but you can never put your heart into the laughing unless you know what the context is.

Every animal struggles, endures, cries and laughs.

One can suffer spiritually as well as physically. If spiritually one feels the sufferings, there’ll be no peace of mind. Yet there lies a paradox in life.

Paradox in life is paradoxical.
“Paradox” itself is a paradox. You cannot define the absolute lifespan of a paradox because you never get to live physically throughout your life.

Indeed, life mocks everyone. It’s like that little piece of paper that slits your throat and you’ll never know how you died because you were blind the whole time. You may not feel the pain. But the suffering is real. Now, knowledge is that paper and you are the wisdom.

Knowlege pours life into nullness, yet it is can kill one’s spirit. Knowlege has never been an absolute wisdom. Absoluteness of a wisdom can never really exists. Existence in a sense one can never feel the real happiness until s/he has transcended to some meta reality.

Reality mocks everyone. It has been from the ancient times. Time is a fuzzy feeling. Fuzziness persists. Yet, you always tell “how much” time has gone by. Because you feel time. You never really kiss it.

Those sarcastic tone that every time gives. Time creeps yet it slips away. You never really know what it can give you.

Time is pretty paradoxical. Paradoxical in a sense that you always procrastinate. Procrastination is real, so is your mind. Theoretically, time can fall and you can too. You can never really know the feeling.

Now, there lies a paradox about mind itself. Mind is nothing but your brain and your brain is only the combinations of indidvidual cells.

Now the greatest paradox of mind is the consciousness. You feel, suffer, look, taste, struggle, endure. It’s all in your mind and you still have a feeling of unity of your mind and body.

So, who gets the wisdom? Consciousness is just a combination of chemicals and the signals that overpower your brain. There really exists a dilemma on who/what controls you and perhaps who are you in a true sense.

In the end, you are just living a life full of paradoxes and whole reality you perceive has been established on the basis of assumptions.

Life is just an assumption and you should be the one who can hypothesize, transcend, believe, execute, halt and moreover live with personal satisfaction.