One of the most important lessons of my life so far

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome Nishan for his two-minutes speech.

The crowd goes……. Nevermind. The crowd didn’t even clap.

The speaker goes to the stage with confident, for it’s his 7th time attending this speaking session; each time hoping to be better at public speaking.

Hey Everyone! This is Nishan

Before I begin, can anyone tell me what “Life” is?

**a some-seconds pause occurs**


It is a philosophical question for some other day.

I’ll let you know about my views.

For me, it is a vast canvas that we paint moments and memories.

Above all, life is just like this very stage where we keep on moving back/forth. And most of the time, we feel much comfortable around the middle part. Or just staying at one point.

However, in doing so, we do not really notice the edges of this stage, until we are forced to.

Let me ask you another question.

How many of you have actually noticed the edges of this stage?

Have you ever thought of coming to the edge. Looking down and thinking of jumping off the stage?

**he jumps off the stage**

Well nevermind again…

The answer is probably gonna be a big NO

So, why don’t we ever try to get out of this safe zone? “The Comfort Zone” as everyone says.

I dunno. Probably, it’s the human nature that we feel really (really) happy staying comfortable. To be on the safer side.

For me, this has been one of the lessons of my life. Getting out of my comfort zone… Yes my very own COMFORT ZONE. **He speaks this sentence very slowly and some emphasis**. To push myself to new limits.

Be it waking up early, doing workouts and exercises to stay healthy.

Or flying over to this talk show to make myself better at public speaking, gradually.

I do these so that I could be better at the things I intend to do or imagine myself to become.

So, come over to this psychological cliff. Look down the edge. And Let go of your fear of falling down because we all have the wings to fly to newer heights.

And that might be your life lesson too.

But this lesson is not a fullstop because:

Learning is a continuous process. It happens throughout our life. Right from the birth till our inevitable fate, death.

So, make every moments of your life count and always keep on learning from what time throws at you.

**The crowd gives a big round of applause. Finally… Yes.. Finally**