Jul 18, 2017 · 2 min read

In the vastness of people

I seek redemption

Like an apparition.

Emotions. Thoughts. All lost.

They think I am mental

I probably am a retard

Like a circus clown faking a laugh.

I probably am a freak

Like a specimen in a bio lab.

Perhaps I am a stranger

Walking on an unknown path.

Tap. Tap. Tap. As the time walks.

I crawl. Hush!

I crawl. They sprawl.

In the mist.

Emotions. Thoughts. All lost.

I seek inner peace.

The blood rush has stalled.

May be the world is blind

Where I am just one of a kind

In an endless streaks

Of hopes and hopelessness

I am enduring time

Like a soldier on a field of mines

Looking for freedom.

Boom! The mind explodes.

Emotions. Thoughts. All lost

The battle of a man. A boy. A child.

Solitude. Isolation. Silence.

The shadow lurks — “who goes there?

Oh yes. That’s just me.

Seeking inner peace.

In solitude, I find myself.

In isolation, my mind thrives.

This is a battle of a man to be born from a child.

Boom! There goes another mine.

Emotions. Thoughts. All lost.

Knock Knock!

I am time.” — comes an unknown sound.

“I know no time.”, I reply.

The only time I know is the time that took my life.

For the time took my Emotions. Thoughts. My silent cry.

The time kept on knocking.

I kept on ignoring.

As they say ignorance is a bliss.

But the only bliss is a solitude.

It’s a fortitude.

It’s worth suffering for.

For I seek inner peace.

I seek salvation.

Not a cremation.

For I am the isolation you won’t seek.

I am the solitude you won’t find.

I am the silence you won’t hear.


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Paradox. Solitude. Kafkasque. Trying to exist among Chaos, Caffeine and Code (and Words).