The Cockroach Effect

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Situation I

It’s around 12 p.m. midnight and you experience this calming sensation of being tickled. Like someone is slowly touching your skin above that femur.

Ahh! Such a calming sensation.

Then, you’ll realize the smoothness turning into something creepier and you have this urge to scratch the skin. And there it lies COCKROACH.

The so-called nasty little creature that has tendency to give creeps to the beautiful among beautiful, brave among braves. The slithering might have given you the enchanting moment of having enlightenment. But you wake up to realize that it was a false sensation.

You didn’t get the enlightenment. Neither you had that very chance to feel the Kamasutra. You wake up to realize that it was just another false dream you had and everything was nothing but the incantation of fear.

Situation II

It’s around 11 p.m. midnight. The room is dark, the hall is dark and the kitchen is sleeping in fear. You wake up because you have to quench your thirst. You go to the kitchen and pick up a water bottle. Just when you open the lid, you feel something on the side of the bottle. A bulging sensation; rough yet scary.
COCKROACH. The creature of omen that never ceases to entertain mere puny humans. Like, that little pest is merely dancing in the darkness to be enchanted by the humanly screams.

Cockroaches Everywhere

Yes, the moment when you see cockroaches dancing in the hell’s kitchen, in the dark for their own causes, you’ll bring up those brooms and slippers to smash them really hard. You’ll go for those pest control sprays like “baygons”, “morteins”, to make them suffer. KILL ’EM ALL

Yes, you’ll enjoy them suffer.

The suffocation is real. So is the sensation of killing the pest.
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It’s matter of time when you realize those tiny little creatures are not alone. They spawn from the “dog knows what” holes, cracks, utensils and may be from refrigerators. And you integrate your weapons to face the ultimate fight.

One, two and three….. the match has started and nobody will win because COCKROACHES.

Cockroaches are Awesome

It’s funny how most of the humans loathe cockroaches. Well, it’s in human nature to develop some kinds of fear against creepiness and Entomophobia persists really hard in the mind.

Despite the fact, cockroaches have always intrigued me. Not because I like to kill ’em all; but how we humans are pretty similar to cockroaches in terms of behaviours and opportunities we ought to seek.

Humans, the opportunity-seeking being, lash out during high time. A small opportunity tend to spawn dozens of humans from nowhere. We crawl out from the hell’s kitchen of our own mind to snatch something that might be ours if we really tried hard. Yet, before these dark times, we incubate our mind for lesser known reasons. Procrastination and precrastination sway our mind lest we be helding our seemingly-unartistic thoughts.

There’s fear of beings with higher skills and intelligent. So, we try to slither quickly to rule over the things we want/wanted; like cockroaches trying to snatch the food before the humans pulverize them.

We try to come clean

It’s funny how we humans think cockroaches as the creature of dirt and roughness. We despise them, yet we are hidden from the fact that cockroaches are pretty clean insects. As enotmologist say, cockroaches constantly clean (groom) themselves. They run their legs and antennae over their bodies, then clean those appendages with their mouthparts. Ever see a cat groom? Cockroaches make cats look like slobs. It might be they despise us in fact.

So, we try to come clean as well. We act as if we are the only thing that can do something for own greater good. We try to act cool, fake a smile, fake our social activities and above all fake the social-online status just to be treated like a mighty little creature.

And that’s the reason we try to show ourselves clean. Clean in a sense of own twisted reputations that illusions the real “self”.

We are creepy

Cockroaches give you creeps. But we humans are no different. We slither over the land of hidden likeness, infatuation, love and lust. These are similar words with different sentiments. In our life we struggle hard to find someone we can have connection mentally. But that’s a long journey — a very long and timeless road. Before finding someone we feel connected to, the other phases try to creep into the mind; seep through our lustful nature.

I don’t know what cockroaches are thinking

But I do know humans are more savage, and lesser being than cockroaches.

The nuisance to the nature.

The resentment among each other.

The creatures that try to live in a reality powered by chaos illusions….

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