The Girl With A Guitar


Under the shades of the sun-glass, as I walked down upon the street full of puddles and mind full of chaos thoughts, my eyes crossed with a girl. The moment which seemed like an eternity passed in a blink of an eye.

She. She was tall. Taller than me. Slim, yet gorgeous.

She. She was wearing red t-shirt as if she was the symbol for love.

As we crossed our paths in a random moment, she was holding an elderly (very old man) by the hand, as if she was the light to him. Perhaps, that’s the thing about rest of the generations who don’t think about their grandparents but she seemed different.

She was holding her grandfather as if she was tracking a missile headed to infect everyone with love, with calmness.

She was the girl carrying a guitar

She didn’t see me. Neither I saw her perfectly. Our eyes didn’t see each other. Yet there was something different in her eyes. The sense of calmness as she walked down the road carrying a big black vessel of enormous wizardry.

Such coolness. Such humbleness to her grandfather. And such smile. The impulsive moment that didn’t actually make sense, filled my heart, my mind full of music which she could play. Or perhaps, she could be playing at that moment in her mind.

As I am sinking deep into the thoughts, I realize that she was the girl I saw a few weeks back, helping her grandmother (I assume). She was calm back then when she was wearing a Pink Floyd's t-shirt.

It seems

Sometimes a random event, a random moment, a random people breeds emotions full of familiarity. A seconds-moment seems an eternity onto which the sense of calmness and love thrive. And you feel alive more.