Here’s how to create chat apps that carry untapped potential for your business?

Chatting is the pure essence of communication, be it personal or professional. Although, it’s originally defined as talking but today chat is all about exchanging information in the form of files, documents, links or simple texts, of course in real-time. So, whether you are an individual who uses Android apps to communicate with friends and family or an employee who uses chat to exchange valuable information across the team, the concept has become the new form of sharing information by replacing emails.

Chat vs Email — A war already won

Chat: Real Time + short messages + no clutter + directed at exactly the right people + less time demanding = Increased productivity

Email: Semi Real-time + Cluttered inboxes + message overload + more time consuming = depreciated efficiency

In the fast-paced world, quick and easy communication tools are heartily welcomed to make our lives better. Now when one comes across the word “Chat”, I am pretty sure that people will often relate the term automatically with consumer chat apps such as “WhatsApp or WeChat or Viber”. Well, days are gone where chat applications were only targeted at customers, numerous organizations are waking up to its potential to transform their businesses. Moreover, they have now started adopting chat for internal communication purposes as well.

Why is a chat app essential for businesses?

  • Teams can easily collaborate on the go irrespective of time and place
  • File sharing made easy. Files can be shared with the entire team or individuals in a secure way
  • Highly secured with end-to-end encryption
  • On-site and off-site departments can stay in touch through voice and video calls
  • Team meetings, brainstorming sessions can be streamlined

Before we dive into the detailing on the technical essentials needed for Android or iOS chat app development, let’s figure out why consumer apps aren’t right for enterprises.

Persistence: A business application requires to be persistent. Which means whatever is being shared through the app shouldn’t be deleted or altered so anyone can easily refer back to the conversation at any time. Apart from this, knowledge management plays a pivotal role in enterprise collaboration. For example, when any critical information is being shared, be it ideas, data or files with the intent of making fast decisions. It becomes crucial to store information persistently for future references.

Security: Always remember information shared within your enterprise is highly confidential in nature. So whether you choose an Android or iOS app development company, make sure to create an app that isn’t cloud based. Although consumer chat apps make use of encryption to keep things safe but enterprise solutions offer cloud as well as on premise options for the security conscious.

Compliance: Many organizations, especially in regulated industries such as healthcare or financial services, need to confirm laws enforced by government bodies. So that they can store messages shared through internal communication mechanisms for future references, including chat.

Business features: Consumer apps include features that are extremely cool, be it for Android or iOS. While on the other hand, enterprise ones are specifically developed for business use such as advanced alerts, filtering, critical IM and Live Streams alongside #Hashtags and @Mentions to tag individuals, assign actions and work more efficiently.

Integration: An enterprise app cannot be another app sitting on your desktop. Integration and instant support is the key. Such kind of apps supports deep integration with systems like SharePoint, CRM, Jira, Order Management systems etc. It may quite interest you to know that any system can be linked to your app to view, discuss and act on data in one single place.

How to Create an Android/iOS Chat Application for Your Business?

The new age conversation tools have grown leaps and bounds from being just used for personal conversations to professional ones. As a result, a chat app has become a necessity at enterprise levels. The following post focuses on creating an Android or iOS chat application for your business.

Use cloud for High scalability

Business conversations are never simply regarding talks, it even includes millions of nodes and multimedia file sharing. Thus, an enterprise chat app requires being adaptively scalable to take on any sudden increase in requirements. Which means a cloud hosted chat app will be simply great.

Security: End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryptions have become mandatory for chat apps especially those used by businesses for official purposes. Moreover, end-to-end encryption prevents data from being penetrated by hacking attempts.


To build Android or iOS applications, your server requires being cool enough to host a huge communication network in which transferring happens between several nodes at any given time. Servers like “Ejabberd” would do good for chat apps and complement this would be protocols like XMPP.


Other than hosting data through chat windows, the application even requires to take the managing login sessions of several users. In order to offer to provide instant messaging experience, it should also be able to manage a quick response.

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