Why DevOps and the cloud need each other?

IT industry has seen some major changes over time. And the current buzzword is DevOps. Yes! DevOps, cloud and agile are some of the growing topics of conversation among numerous software development companies across the globe. Now have you ever wondered why DevOps? If you want to really understand things, take a step back and consider the time before DevOps.

According to the Pre-DevOps days, the common challenges faced by IT industry were:

Communication- A software development life cycle involves a wide range of cross-functional teams. And hand shaking between them much more than a need. But due to ineffective communication things often led to blocking of the project progression. For example, suppose a developer develops a feature and runs the unit test. After which he or she successfully commits a code to VCS. Then the same developer wants to test the code simply by going through QA according to the test scripts. For which he needs to raise a ticket on a bug tracking system. The developer eventually updates the status and assigns to the tester but since the tester is busy doing other tasks makes the developer wait. And as a result, the blocking state starts.

Blocking State- Soon another feature is picked by the developer from his plate. After a day or two, the tester tests this implementation and returns to the developer in case of a defect. But now the developer is busy in doing some other work so the tester has to wait.

The above mentioned is the typical scenario of working in a software development company especially when there are too many functional teams involved and they are highly dependent on each other.

Cloud and DevOps

Although migrating to DevOps doesn’t make any sense for every IT organization today, but more and more businesses are adopting the DevOps and cloud approach for continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous delivery.

Today DevOps and Cloud both have successfully emerged as a result in social behavior along with accompanying adjustments to enterprise response. DevOps is a journey through improved quick, and continuous software delivery while the cloud is a platform that drives the agility of software execution.

Here down below I would like to mention why a DevOps and cloud approach both are needed in the technology market?

Reason #1- Move from Product to Service

With the rising demand of the cloud computing technology, companies have started offering high-quality services to their end users. In fact, in the current era, consumers are simply not looking for great products but they are also searching for great experiences to accompany their use of these products. For example, iphone and Android phones include customer service as a part of their product package. Computer and mobile technology include GPS, bill paying, food delivery, shopping, maps, and online banking as services which accompany product delivery.

Speed, innovation, frequency, and reliability are some of the most important aspects that are required in the progression from product as a concern to services as a priority. As a result, cloud agility enhances Internet speed and flexibility which consequently enables IT and operations to transition from cumbersome machine-based functions to software as a service (SaaS). While if we think from the DevOps perspective, eliminating the divide between support and development assimilates the software user experience into smoothly-coordinated interactions.

Reason 2- From Stability to Agility

As the speed of production increases, companies are challenged to adapt the approach on the daily basis. Faster innovation in technology often demands shorter production cycles, increase frequency in delivery and inventive design. Besides, marketing is changing its previous methods of driving behavior to one. From the corporation as a whole to the individual employee, companies have started empowering creative responsiveness and minimize any waste that impedes action.

So basically, from development to production, companies have started seeking for flexible looking platforms to enable software as a service. Which ultimately resulted in determining quality outcomes in user experience.

Reason 3- Digital Integrates with Material

Tech giants like Apple is the living proof of the concept that hardware and software must work together. And the meteoric adoption of the products offered by the company not only reveals regarding the customer desires for high-quality physical devices but also offers seamless and powerful software to go with it. In fact, in the world of cloud, it is impossible to separate one from another.

So what can be done? Businesses must adapt to the integration of the digital application with the material mechanism. Continuous reliability and innovation in software development (DevOps), demands quality and ease of use through operational performance (cloud).

In a nutshell

The future of cloud computing is with DevOps and vice-versa.