Dogs show how too much happiness is NOT a good thing….

Thanks to Kristine Paulus, via Flickr Creative Commons

Will true happiness turn you into a dog?

I saw a dog today tied up outside a shop waiting for its owner. It was completely relaxed and happy just sitting there forced to wait. It got me thinking…..dogs must be one of the most content animals on earth. They are imprisoned, fed at their owners whim, and almost NEVER allowed to chase the opposite sex in the park.

Yet they still look happy most of the time especially when they see their owners! How many people would be so happy every night to see the very person who denies them the opportunity to get laid whenever the chance presents itself??

You gotta have some serious internal contentment to be like that.

So is that where true internal happiness leads you? Does nirvana turn you into a creature of obedience? ie you are so content that you don’t care when some other creature leashes you up and only feeds you food they would never touch themselves??? That you never get laid? Even worse — you get cut so you can never ever get laid again in the future?

If this is what happiness leads to, I’ll learn to be content with slightly happy thank you very much……

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