Loving Fearless

To be in love is amazing but to be still in love through the pain, the trials, tears, good and lots of bad, sickness and health, and rich or poor is priceless. Devon Still, Houston Texans Defensive End and Asha Joyce recently married on May 13, 2016. According to The Knot, the couple married at the historic New York Public Library in New York City. The couple is well known for their dedication and love for their daughter, Leah who has battled Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer. They have seen their love and life turn upside down but through it all, they were able to hold on to their love and the will to thrive together as a family. Leah has been cancer free for a year. Now the couple have happier times ahead for them.

In order to obtain the endurance to love fearless, it take the ability to know that you can not love on your own will or power but you are going to need help from God. God said in his word to love. John 15:12 (Good News Bible)says “My commandment is this:love one another, just as I love you.” You might be saying how am I ought to love like God, easy only with his help.

The FIRST thing you do is invite God into your heart. Yes, it’s that simple. You invite him.

The SECOND thing you do is seek him in every area of your life. Ask God to create a loving and contrite heart towards your love ones. He will show you and tell what to pray for. Praying for your spouse is a must. Yes, you can talk to God. He is listening. You have to be quiet to hear him talk back. (In order for this to work you have to complete step one first.)

The THIRD thing you do is read the Bible, God’s word. You read it daily. The more you read and the more you meditate you will know God’s will for your life.

The LAST thing you do is repeat ALL the steps again. Repeating all the steps will ensure you are able to see God moving in your life and continually communicating with him.

I believe that marriage works only if you commit in the begin and during of your marriage that you will fight for it. Yes, fight for your marriage. Marriage is not something you wish upon but it is created. Creating a marriage you want is possible, only with God. God has to be a part of your marriage so it can last.

“Loving your spouse and your marriage is knowing that it is going to take God and a good support system to keep your marriage thriving.”

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