Men: Victims of Love
Frank Fradella

“Listen, Jerry, my girl just dumped me. Do you want to come over with a pint of Haagen Daas and watch Serendipty with me?”

I disagree. We express our pain — just differently. We (speaking for men with the same authority you have assumed by speaking for men) do not drown our sorrows in ice cream and emotional movies. We drown it in sports, gaming, beer, going out and flirting with women. This is represented in movies and in real life. This is why the entire Queendom of Aten exists in the Abyss Walker world setting. When me, or my friends, were dealt a cold hearted blow from the opposite sex, we delved into the fantasy world and battled the evil powerful women, and assuming the die rolls went our way, we triumphed in battle there — where we could not in real life.

Further, since historically women demand men make the first move, whether it be at a club or all the way to a marriage proposal, a woman is more likely to have her worth reaffirmed through attention of the opposite sex than men. Thus, if we choose to go out after a break, we struggle for attention from the opposite sex through affirmation.

I agree that men have been men’s worst enemy — in that we have allowed women to shape our culture that we lose our children, our homes, our identity when they, for any arbitrary reason, decide to leave us. Warranted or not.

Men did not create the white feather brigade because we like being shamed into going into war. Society has a long way to go to achieve gender equality, but right now, mens issues are exactly where women want them to be — sitting on the sinking ship while they and children enjoy the lifeboat.

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