I’m 29. Single. Woman. Indian.

While I am not 29 (or near about yet). Plus being a guy helps (*sarcasm*). Nonetheless, I have been choking lately, on all the honeymoon pics my batchmates are putting up on Facebook. And then I read your chronicle. I want to ask/tell ‘them’ two things:

  1. Its okay. Its marriage afterall. Like death it is going to get us sooner than later (well, most of us). So keep that happiness in your pants. Or skirts. Or whatever.
  2. Everything aside, why in the name of God, I should be made to see where you went for your honeymoon? What all places/museums/bars/pubs/clubs/adventure sports you explored ?. And most importantly why would you put those cheesy selfies on social media? Isn’t honeymoon supposed to be a private experience? I wonder!