The Ultimate Guide to Gym Floor Covers

What is a Gym Floor Cover?

Gym floor cover deployed in the University of Tennessee Gym

Why Do I Need a Gym Floor Cover?

Gym Floor Cleanliness

Time and Cost of Gym Floor Maintenance

Multipurpose Event Spaces


A good Gym Floor Cover can stand up to heavy use

Do I Need New, Used, or Rented?

What Are the Different Types of Gym Floor Covers?

Vinyl Roll Systems

Pre-cut Rolls

Floor covers come in plenty of colors to match any school or university facility

Gym Floor Tiles

Measuring Your Gymnasium Before You Order a Gym Floor Cover

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Gym Floor Cover?

  • 18 oz. — 1–6 uses per year
  • 22 oz. — 7–12 uses per year
  • 27 oz. — 13–24 uses per year
  • 32 oz. — 24+ uses per year

What Does New Gym Floor Cover Cost?

How is a Gym Floor Cover Installed?

Storage racks for vinyl gym floor covers are built to make installation easy

How do I Store a Gym Floor Cover?

How Do I Maintain a Gym Floor Cover?

A neutral color can work well for formal events

Is a Gymnasium Floor Cover Right for You?




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