Maybe just maybe

They don’t , believe me they don’t , just the fact that you went through hardness , does not mean that you are invincible , at the opposite , it makes you vulnerable inside , all the stories that we have heard that say : bad times and heartbroken turn your heart into coldness is not right , the heart is divine , beautiful , how come that such a pure thing can turn into something ugly ? it just cannot , I personally think that what they actually meant was they make you stronger , in a sense , it’s kind of like you always expect the bad , always ready to fight , always on your guards , because people have already let you down , your own self has already disappointed you , you think you have already faced the worse , well actually if you are still breathing you are going to still face something called the worse “ , the worse is a curse that happens to you from time to time if you are lucky enough , otherwise you are going to be living it every single day , the perception of it has levels , those levels are what we survive or don’t , some of us survived the first level , others the second , but be certain that no one has survived the last level , want to know why ? Because there is no such a thing as the last level of what can happen to you, even dying cannot be counted as it, unfortunately it is the way it is.

damaged people have tasted and seen what hell looks like, they have felt every emotion fully, they have wished dying so the pain can finally fade, damaged people lost hope over and over again, they have pretty much nothing to lose, because they have already lost what they valued the most, but somehow they managed to find a way through what life threw them, how? that’s a question even them cannot answer, there is no steps to follow to survive, because everyone has his own unique way to deal with things, I assume that’s why, some survive and others don’t, so be careful when you meet a damaged person, they are scary, because they make you think that they are powerful, coldhearted, they give you the illusion of danger, but what you need to know is that they are only protecting themselves by this way, they have built a wall against everything, it’s that wall that is really dangerous, because behind that wall, a very desperate, needy person is hiding, behind that wall, a silent cry for help is hidden.

So, now you are wondering how they know they survived. Maybe they don’t know but that’s not the interesting deal, the real question is “how do they survive? “ , experiences are the key to safe haven , a grab of a desperate hand , an ear to listen , “TALKING” is one of the hugest steps to freedom , damaged people need to realize that it’s the only way to actually survive , if not , it starts eating them to the bones , torturing their mind till it collapses, stabbing their bodies till it bleeds, opening about what happened to us , crying ourselves out , is what needs to be done , its hardness that makes people close , maybe just maybe we seek comfort into believing that behind that wall , there is still some hope we failed to see and an outsider was brave enough to come our way to destroy that wall and make us see what we have been missing, and take us to the safe haven , talking is the connection we have to establish to climb that wall , to reach the other side of it , to finally free ourselves in order to survive.

Do not let the pain take over, do not allow the demons to settle, do not give up, please do not give up, maybe and I repeat just maybe there is something we have been missing, all that time we have been so busy grieving, maybe surviving is not what we gain at the end , let’s look at the biggest picture , it’s not happiness that makes us change , it’s not the smile either the laughs that makes us wonder if we are going in the right path , it’s the tears , that voice that cracks before crying because that poor soul has taken way too much of what it can bear , it’s the darkness that hides the meaning of life , it’s after every sleepless night that we wake up wondering if we have been doing it wrong all this time , surviving is what we think we want , but at the end of the day , the meaning of our lives is what we really want to put fingers into , our suffering is what gives us a global view to our next chapter.

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