Progressivism is a philosophy that accentuate the idea of progress in different fields such as science, technology, economic development, and social organization…etc.

It encourages the improvements of the political and social life through the introduction of democracy, women’s rights, elimination of the political corruption and by offering better work’s environments.

Improving citizens’ conditions of life has been the progressivism’s first concept that has been put on the spotlights when it first appeared.

The intensity of the racism, discrimination and marginalization during the years has increased during years, yes, progressivism has made changes into the business and politic but it has several limitations.

Progressivism’s history

This philosophy has seen the day the late 19th century, to the first decades of the 20th century, to set new concepts, perspectives and culture into minds.

It had in mind to make some huge changes in the world’s functionalities, to lead it to a world where crimes of different types, violations and disorders had come to a rapid end to leave place of new order.

Strengths and weaknesses of progressivism

Any concept or philosophy that has been introduced to our community knows limitations and failures, even though progressivism made some major movements through important goals such as ending the days of government’s corruption, and giving women voices to speak up with for their rights, it still faced many disappointments.

Major aspects of the citizens’ life have been advanced, then a new concept has been created which is the liberalism, then those linked terms have worked side by side since then, for a better tomorrow, where many issues have been solved and others are being worked on.

Industries have also been affected by progressivism, where government is no longer putting its roots in it, and have gave them enough support to achieve their movements to get all the requirements to make new orders inside their businesses.

Some freedom has been newly established into civilizations, to value the humans’ skills and capacities, it has been a priority since then for them.

The working conditions had to be taken into severe consideration, the days of slaveries ended centuries ago, but somehow and still now days, white people are still being preferred to black people, which is fully unfair and illegal, progressivism has looked to improve those conditions to get them guaranteed payments, safe homes, and good health.

Either we like to admit it or not progressivism has known failures, since it didn’t completely get rid of the big influence of the government who loves to get his noise everywhere, let’s not forget that despite all efforts that have been made to improve the now day’s situations, it is still the same disaster it used to be decades ago in some countries, and the government system is still being corrupted, which affects gravely the citizens of those cities.

Progressivism has made many progresses and has succeed into initializing the idea of progress but a long way is still waiting ahead of it to create a better world for the generations to come.

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