The things that no one likes to hear but must do

“we can’t run, we have to face up to the stupid things we do” 
from Grey’s anatomy

People have this thing that they really fancy , it is running away , it is like we love being cowards , we adore making stupid decisions , doing unnatural stuff , playing with fire , but never facing what we have done , this habit of us is irritating , makes me wonder why ? I guess because no one likes facing the truth , they made us learn the hard way , that the truth is always hurtful , painful , depressing , so with time we developed this immunity against facing things , we’d rather go away , run as far away as possible even if deep down inside we know we are heading the wrong way , we keep running hoping that when we’d decide to come back , things would be somehow better or maybe the way they used to be , but as much as we wish that by running away we’d fix most of things we actually ruin them more , we leave them to become worse .

I know that no one likes being told what to do or likes hearing what really hidden whiten running away , but how far are we able to run ? Are we going to spend the rest of our lives running ? Don’t we deserve to settle one day ? To be brave enough to say no , to be proud of what we want and what we are, to make peace with our remorse and regrets , to try just try to right our wrongdoings, to give ourselves a chance to make things right this time , we all mess up , and do stupid things , unfortunately it is the only way we grow to be the best version of us , rather face the consequences right now , than leave it to be a tomorrow problem , it is only going to get worse .

Gaining strength has never been an easy deal , at the opposite it is when we think we have lost it all , that there is nothing more to lose that we touch the real sense of freedom , it is at the darkest times that we realize who we truly are , what we are capable of without any pressure , it is when we surrender to weakness that our strength awakens in us .

“You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.”
From Stranger Things

Ask yourself this , are you now really certain that running away is the only and best option you have to outcome your problems ? I guess not , but then you feel lost so you open yourself up to any kind of other solution and here is the mistake , it is when you adopt an idea , things that are not who you are , when you start accepting other options without thinking twice about it , yes the help is always welcomed , but not every help is actually a truthful one.

Indeed , it is so wrong to like things against your personality , your soul , only for people , only to avoid running away because its the only proposition they gave you instead of running away , liking things because people told us so is really much worse than running , you are wondering why ? Because at some point you are going to lose yourself in the process of duplicating another personality that is not yours , at that right moment , you are going to lose pretty much everything you have ever stood for .

“Stay too long where you don’t belong, and you’ll never return.”
From Game of thrones

With time you will realize that the solution you chose once again isn’t the right one , you are going to be disappointed so much that again the idea of leaving everything and starting over would cross your mind again and again and over again , then you would feel that everything you have done so far is upsetting you , making you wish you had chosen the first thing your mind has presumed you to do , but believe me you are going , this time in the right way , because while you’d be doing it all wrong , your soul , body , heart , mind everything you are carrying with you , will scream out loud :

This is not who you are , neither what you want , neither where you belong , wake up and whatever you are doing , just stop , pause yourself for a second , and give yourself a break…
“When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump , otherwise , you end up staying in the same place your whole life.” 
from A most violent year

Do you feel scared ? Are you afraid that maybe this whole time , you have been wasting your energy and self ? Are you lost ? Do you need some time to recover from another failure ? Which brings me to ask : do you think your life has been a sequence of failures since you decided not to run away ? I am sure that you are feeling depressed , anxious because you assumed you have failed yourself once again , but let me assure you , those feelings , dark ones , negatives ones are the key to your predestination , They are the hint that you needed to jump to your real life , real you , its when you know who you are , you realize your worth , it is then and only then that you are strong enough , brave enough , to face your problems , to be who you always wanted to be , it is the motivation you needed to finally become the best version of you.

Why do we have to get through all of this to finally be happy ? Well , they have never said happiness was easy , they have never said that living didn’t include surviving from time to time .

Don’t ever give up , the journey is just getting started.