Be the sculptor who knows how he is sculpting

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Internet is littered with quotes from Steve Jobs.

He was a genius. He was visionary. He was charismatic. He was a great speaker. He could rally a crowd behind him.

But that does not make him a leader worth emulating.

Follow those who can be followed

There is no pattern to Job’s decision making because he was driven strongly by intuition. He disrupted industries because he was seeing what others did not see —in a way, it is a distorted way of thinking that one cannot develop by trying.

In a way, he is the genius who cannot rationalize why he is doing it the way…

This time it is Tapzo

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Silicon Valley investors and Tech giants have been waiting for Indian startups to grow up and deliver. Perhaps, we are just entering that phase now.

After a massive $16 billion Walmart-Flipkart deal, the Indian startup scene is hotter than ever before. Amidst this frenzy, we have heard of a new exit.

Techcrunch reported that Amazon Pay has acquired Tapzo for $40M. The news will be widely circulated soon. After all, fundraising and acquisitions are the favorite topics for media. …

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Elizabeth Grojean using her Baloo Living weighted blanket

How one woman left the corporate race and developed a lucrative passion project from Bali

When I saw Elizabeth for the first time in Ubud earlier this year, she was celebrating her 37th birthday. Quiet in her corner and graciously thanking her guests, her gentle smile was the first thing that struck me. It was later that I got to know she is building a business. Two weeks later, she told me the business is doing better than she ever imagined. To be precise, she is on track to gross USD 250K by the end of this year.

“This has been the most incredible, transformative year of my life. Last August I left New York…

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How we miss everyday opportunity to be that person

It was a pleasant morning in Mumbai with light drizzle. I was fully ready 45 minutes earlier than the commute time expected to reach my meeting venue. Since I thought I was early enough and did not expect much traffic on a Sunday morning, I ordered the Uber Pool.

And then it all went downhill. But let me backtrack.

We were happily on our way and I was enjoying the cloudy skies that were turning more grey by the minute. As we crossed the Sea Link, the rain was pounding harder on the window glass. The driver got a notification…

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Ninh Binh, clicked by Nistha Tripathi

Travel Itinerary with pictures

I really did not know how breathtakingly beautiful Vietnam could be

If you have been contemplating visiting the Land of the Blue Dragon, you have my wholehearted approval and even these notes to help you plan it better.

Vietnam Layout

North Vietnam is a treasure trove of picturesque locations and a must visit for nature lovers. A lovely blend of rural living and tourism friendliness can lead to a nice trip — one that is not heavy on your wallet either. And, if you are a non-vegetarian, then you would love the cheap street food as well!

I was traveling with my…

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The secret lies in resilience

“The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.”
― Paulo Coelho

The personal tension started affecting my MBA study and work. I would start tearing up looking at that skyline of Manhattan. …

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My 4 step roadmap to realizing my highest aspiration

Not too long ago, I was ruing the fact that I work too hard and do not get proportionate results (sounds familiar?)

But Marcus Aurelius’s words came to mind-

The impediments to action advances action.
What stands in the way becomes the way.

But let us not jump ahead.

This post is about Sacred Projects — projects that transform you, that give a meaning to your fleeting existence.

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Elise Jackson

A journey from selling beard oils to helping clients make money on Amazon — all on road

People are racking up unbelievable profits selling on Amazon. Elise did just that and then started helping others to do it too. And, this is how — This is Unicorn — was born!

I’ve grown my most recent Amazon brand from Zero to 6-figures in just 6 months — Elise

Read this interview to find how Elise built her startup while traveling as a digital nomad!

Digital Nomadism may appear too casual to the onlookers but do not underestimate what Digital Nomads have been able to achieve.

When I did my first Digital Nomadic stint in Bali in 2016, it opened to me not only the frolics of globetrotting but the potential of setting up a serious business.

I met Elise…

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15 proven marketing ideas that you can steal right now

The words sales and marketing always make me anxious and awkward. No body likes selling, even the people who are good at it because somewhere we feel we are asking for something and in case of bad products, even manipulating the user.

Who wants to do that, right?!

But may be, it doesn’t have to be such a soul-less thing. In fact, as Seth Godin predicts, human marketing is the only marketing that will survive. Other forms of data driven digital marketing can soon be automated.

Even if we take that with a grain of salt, truth is that grabbing…

Are you reading or are you ‘reading’?

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Are you one of those people who read a ton of books, are wow’ed when you are reading something, and then forget to ever apply it.

I am/was that way but I am now trying to soak in information deliberately and purposefully. I have figured a three way process for it-

#1 Take notes while reading

I use highlights on Kindle as well as write out the points that appeal to me in my notebook. As per a study called Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking by Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. …

Nistha Tripathi

Authored NO SHORTCUTS @ | Quora TopWriter, Entrepreneur, Quint

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