I love gifts.

Giving or receiving, both make me happy. I enjoy the surprise and happiness associated with gifts. Some say, money is the safest gift. It shelters us from thinking about other person’s choice. It’s quick and effortless.

For me, gifting money or receiving it as a gift, is a turn off. I hate ‘gifting’ being treated like a financial transaction.My entire life,I have witnessed this age-old practice of gifting money. A chance meeting, a planned departure, birthday, or any other special or regular day — anything can merit a financial transaction as a gift. Why can’t we do something without the involvement of monetary dealings?

When money is transacted, it is certainly followed by calculations.And when calculations become part of our relations, then they are maintained like accounts. And this demean the whole idea that ‘presents’ carry.

In families, gifting revolves around the practice of cash exchanges. The wealthy one is expected to shell out more than the other. It’s a funny way for a society to normalize it’s financial inequalities.

Giving someone money may prove as a doubt on their ability of doing good for themselves. When relations see their downfall, money is the first thing people tend to fight about. And then all those so-called ‘gifts’ are just mere lent or borrowed money.Often this leads to bad blood and hurtful feelings that linger on for a long time.

Instead, presents must represent the love and admiration one has for the other. An effort to procure a gift, however small it may be, has potential to do more good than a mere demonstration of wealth can ever . And if it’s too much of effort for one to find the right gift, it may not be a bad idea to know more about the other person, rather than resolving to the default.

If nothing works, then few heartfelt and love coated lines carry more punch…