The Love Confession

Over ages and decades LOVE, this short word comprising of four alphabets propagates magical drops of serenity over the whole world. Two bodies yet one soul , a pure divine feeling that automatically makes the spine shivers, the blood cold, makes the hands numb, such is the ecstasy of what we call as being in love. Such a rapture that makes one really feels like time do have a pause button, for at some instance we feel no blood no flesh, just each other silent breathing showing yes till this soul breathes, it is just yours. Such is the emotion-charged story of Elia, my story.

A girl who profoundly fell in love for an exuberant broad-shouldered tall young man having a striking personality. Someone with whom she forecast a gleaming and bright future. One homespun day, she firmly decided to convey her feelings to the glitter of her life. Off she started writing a letter, or we can say she started plunging her deep-routed feelings in a piece of paper. What she held entangled in her slender fingers was a piece of writing with some inks smeared with tears, a letter which states:

Dearest Stranger-lover,
 As I grabbed pen and paper to drop you some words routed from my soul, I felt forelsket, the beginning of love, a love thou shall treasure for years to come. Oh please allow yourself to be drawn inches close to my soul. You may find it very weird that i, being a girl is making up this first stepping stone towards moulding this relationship- a relationship that I promise to treasure for long. Share with me your surname, which I wish to link in to mine, thoroughly coated with the ligatures of care, love and mutual understanding.

For what I see in you is not some long night chats ,prolonged texts, some days and nights out but what I awaits is rambling with you across the dry autumn leaves with centimeters distances between us. Centimeters distances for our hands holding, the epitome of our love and togetherness, our kid or our kids hopefully. Your Elia, yes I said your because its been many days now since I wanted you to know the following truth.

Everyday I cannot continue travelling in the same train as you with you being sometimes near or sometimes far. Allow me to tell you that this heart weeps, it does when you get off the train. For I personally urge for a journey, an unconditional journey of love with you which shall have few hurdles yes, few edges and turns yes but together we shall live and overcome every turns and fissures until death tears us apart.
 Eternally yours.

I still crystal clearly remember how before alighting, I hurriedly handed him the letter with my trembling hands, lips sealed with my gaze lowered and a smile appearing on my pinkish face.

How would I know that the reveries I started weaving after sharing the biggest truth of my life shall be so tremendously broken…just like the bits and pieces scattered around when the glass touches the floor from an altitude, broken were my dreams, jigsaw puzzle was what my life turned into. Questions were hovering my mind of how can this tender heart of mine not weep when I singly roam across the autumn leaves where I had woven a delight and beautiful panorama of us together? How can I so easily let bygones be bygones when my stranger-lover does everything just to hide his gaze from me and try to be farthest from me even though we travelling in the same train almost everyday? If not weep, what should actually this heart do?

Before hours , minutes and even seconds used to be like years for me as I was engrossed or we can say submerged in my stranger-lover thoughts. Now even days, weeks, fortnights have passed away and left are those arid eyes who have lost all the tears for now it ignites and weeps within the heart. It arouses a woebegone for the feeling of dejection had struck me so badly that I had made up my mind never to fall in love again. As the adage goes by, time heals everything, I was trying very desperately to start forgetting the rejection that happened with me.

One clement day, my stranger-lover approached me with uneasy steps and handed me a letter. A letter which he handed with trembling unsure hands and moist eyes, eyes maybe when one knows something precious is going to dwindle or be lost from one’s life.

I said no words, none at all just because somewhere I knew that this heart still belongs to him, solely him. I still remember that how he walked away slowly from me just like when one’s life is drifting from one’s soul slowly and steadily yet certainly.

The note said:

Elia, I am Edward. If you poured out what held in your soul the other day, so shall I for you are the most beautiful girl in my circle of people, not because of you are a slender woman with loose blonde hair, not also because you carry with you a pleasant personality emblazoned with a smile. Just because you have a beautiful soul, a candle like ignition inside you which have captivated me with each and every words you have mentioned in your letter. Believe me, I, yes, your Edward really respect and admire you for this.

See from my eyes Elia, you shall see how blessed and pure I feel to be loved by you.

See from my eyes you shall see how much touched I felt to read that piece of paper. Maybe touched also seemed to be a very midget word before the plethora of feelings emerging.

See from my eyes Elia for these are the only things that this mute person can use to convey his feelings for you, to tell you I do respect you and your feelings.

Please I pledge you not to think you did something wrong for you did no blunder or mistake at all!

I have personally experienced the glee of this divine feeling, I have Elia and I was dejected and rejected for I am mute.

Elia, I was left evaded with a note containing a part which says “ kindness is the language that the deaf can hear, the blind can see. I do pity you, I have concern and respect for you but I being the way I am, a sane girl, I cannot commit the wrong path of loving you.”

Elia these words still echoes in my eardrums and leaves me with a feeling that I am an atypical person. This is the keynote of why I have been trying to keep myself away from you since the other day. 
 This boy whom you are loving so much is like the waves, which comes and go, yes, but never shall they meet the shore and you are this shore Elia, Believe me. We are poles apart and never can I see you being taunted because of my deficiencies.

I extremely respect you for your heart smoothing words and I shall be really buoyant if you find the ideal love of your life the soonest possible.


The time seemed to have halted. Words cannot describe how I felt when I lifted my gaze and I noticed Edward was still walking towards the train station full of a sea of faces. The only sound I could hear was the far rumbling of a train and the whisper of my breath as I walked hastily towards Edward. Each centimeter distance from Edward seemed to be so far for me.

As I came before him, my eyes moist, he looked towards me with his gleaming eyes and I sank my face into his broad chest — finally I felt our heart being inches close to each other, beating for each other as I put my arms around his waist.

For me and maybe for us, the train station was a deserted place, a place I could hear no voice, no whisper, just my Edward heart beats which were conveying me the best of togetherness and oneness. The strength and warmth in his arms could be felt as he wrapped them around me and I found myself in a much secured cocoon of never ending warmth and compassion.

Locked in a passionate bond, I could feel the blood pumping in his veins, a warmth breath coming from his lips and off we confessed our love to each other, a love that shall dwell and swell to find its silence and peace in this obstreperous world.

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