I’ll have to keep that in mind.
Tatianna Williams

What do you want from a creative writing degree specifically that you can’t get from another degree at the same institution. Are you not allowed in classes you want? Incapable of making connections?

Your major isn’t your destiny. I majored in English, and 21 years later I’m doing computer programming.

21 Years Later (that seems relevant to this anecdote)

I am effing lucky to have been able to use my degree from a liberal arts institution. Tuition had begun to go up, but not to skyrocket. And I entered the workforce during the mid-nineties boom with some tech skills.

I have only 3 or 4 artistic bones in my body, and none of them came with The Hustle. But, as an adult, I do have the means to make many connections in creative endeavors with mentors, collaborators, etc etc etc should I be there to pursue them.

Your life — professional and artistic — isn’t determined by your major. But your ability to make rent in the years after college will be greatly helped by how you can spin your time and skills to employers in the world.

For many of us, making art is more possible when you make rent. Even if you have to have a day job or to approach freelancing systematically and professionally.

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