RACISM — How would you react to the following issue?

As I’m leaving a Walmart Store I was told by an employee collecting the shopping cart’s that from now on I should go shop at another Walmart location. He blocked my vehicle with the shopping carts he was pushing. I responded It’s a free fucking country I can shop wherever I want to… does not matter what skin colour I may be.

I first reported my complaint to the store manager who did not write my complaint down. He told me he would have a chat with the employee. I felt dismissed by the Manager he did not take my complaint seriously. I decided to send an email to walmart.ca completed a survey the above portion of my complaint was ignored (please Do Not Reply — Walmart.ca (KMM883282V42677L0KM). I sent another email to walmart.com and I posted my complaint on Facebook (transparent).

A friend on messenger sent me the following response…You know that’s technically assault with a weapon, don’t you? Well, I’ll let it slide- this time!

My response: I was verbally assaulted by this person he was damn lucky I used my words anybody else would have physically hit him. This person was being racist. I have every right to voice my concerns should not be treated as third class citizen.

My nationality is British my parents are from India my three daughters and my grandson are born here in Canada.

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