My first experience with Real Love

Although I was exposed to it daily, Real Love took me by surprise. I didn't notice it at first, but as the days and the months passed, it became mildly intriguing. It seemed a little different from its competitors, but not extraordinary enough for me to indulge in. Or so I thought.

Real Love continued to woo me without making much of an effort. It was stable. Real Love was always available and predictable. It was attractive. Real Love knew its assets and capitalized on them. It was mysterious. Real Love looked like its competitors at first glance, but upon closer inspection it was clearly different. I didn't know how different as I had yet to try Real Love. But I speculated. I fantasized about what it would be like to try Real Love. Several scenarios played themselves out in my head. I would try Real Love tomorrow, I’d say. But tomorrow never came. Until suddenly, it did.

After months of ignoring Real Love, I finally succumbed to its charms. I prepared to meet Real Love for lunch. I ate little that morning so I would have a healthy appetite. I took more care with my appearance, choosing a flattering outfit and simple accessories. I kept my expectations low, even preparing myself for disappointment. At the same time, I held on to a bit of hope. I told myself I should give Real Love a chance, despite my extensive track record of disappointments.

It was a beautiful day and I walked to my destination clad in sunglasses and my favorite colourful scarf. I felt attractive and worthy of Real Love. I stood in line and asked for it, a little bit shy. I was asked if I wanted it sweet or plain. I asked for sweet, explaining that I was sweet. An observer chuckled at my revelation. I smiled my million-watt smile. Real Love was served to me in a whole package. It was warm and delicious and satisfying. Real Love was the best lunch I had in a long time because it was Real.