It is imperative to have a well chalked out Individualized Education Program for the success of an academic or any education plan for a child with special needs. If the IEP has been made keeping in view one basic aspect, that how is this particular plan going to impact the student’s future to make his life more comfortable and independent, it will serve him well. Many a times educators get hooked on to a particular concept and spend years trying to build in the said concept without giving it much thought that whether it is meeting the end objective or not. Such a scenario results in precious time being wasted and the student further lags behind. Empowering a child with Special Needs I believe is an art more than a science, one has to be aware of?”what to focus on”, “for how long to focus on”, “understand what no longer will work”, “move while it is the right time to yet another more focused goal”, learn from ones mistakes and make a better plan for future students. For more details on how to make a sound IEP, please visit us on

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