Dynamic Career: The need of the hour

Dynamic Career, what exactly it means?. From our childhood, we hear everyone teaching us to study well, to do well in examinations. To score good marks in exams so that these marks will play an important role in creating a ladder for us to build a nice career. Here comes the word “Career”. We hear this word may be at the age of 14 to 15 or sometimes even earlier than this. And I am sure most of us might not be aware of the actual meaning of Career. We want to build our career because everyone told us to do so not because we ourselves wants to. Now the biggest question come in which field we want to build our career. At this early age we don’t even know most of the fields available which we can choose to build our career. In today’s era there are thousands and thousands of fields available. I would say the each and every day new fields are being created which you can pursue as your career. To choose the field in which we want to build our career, it is very much important that we should experience it first. Our childhood is the best time to experience everything. Unless and until you won’t try different things how you will get to know your own choice. I believe studies are important but it is not mandatory to build your career in education. Studies are important to make you literate, to make you cultured but to make you sustainable, your choice is important and choice is nothing but your passion. Imagine how cool it would be to say that you are working for something you are passionate about. Along with this there might be some people who say, I have a good career but I am not interested in doing it. There are people who says, I am earning good but when you go closer to them and ask are you happy with your career? They will say no. Then what’s the use of that earnings?. We all know that money gives us pleasure and if we are not happy in our life. If our primary purpose of life is not so happening then for what reason we are earning. If we ourselves are not happy then what happiness we can give to others. That’s why it is very important in life to identify your passion and make it as your career.

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