Holiday Gifts for the STEM Girl in Your Life

Nitasha Syed
2 min readDec 8, 2018


You know holiday season is here when your overnight delivery game goes up 10 notches and you see the words BOGO wherever you go. Gift buying is not an easy process so here is a go-to list of items that are perfect to inspire young girls in your life to take interest in math and science!

1. A SmartGurlz Doll

Founder Sharmi Albrechtsen has done a brilliant job in inspiring young girls to be tomorrow’s creators and leaders. Girls are able to learn to code their SmartGurlz Dolls through the SugarCoded™ app that is available for both Android and iOS. Sitting at just under $50, the SmartGurlz doll is a great product to bring out a young girls inner engineer!

2. A Kiwi Co Subscription

Kiwi Co. is a monthly subscription box that delivers cool DIY STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) projects to your doorstep. You can customize the box to any age group and subject matter. Kiwi boxes are a great way to show young girls the intersection of science/math and other disciplines like art or geography. Their box subscriptions range from $20-$30 but you also have the option to purchase a single box as a gift.

3. A 3D Printing Pen

With 3D printing having the potential of changing the dynamics of almost every industry, why not get girls comfortable working with the technology from a young age? With 3D printers costing over $800, a 3D printing pen is a much cheaper way to get a young girl exposed to the technology early on. That way, when they come across 3D printing courses in school, they don’t find it to be an intimidating subject.

4. An mRobot Kit

If your trying to find the perfect gift for the “I want to build things with my hand” type of girl, the mBot may be the perfect way to go. The mBot is a package of mechanical building blocks that are used to build your own robot. It’s a great way for kids to build their logical thinking and creativity skills. At $80, this one is a bit more pricier on our list but definitely won’t disappoint.

5. The “Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers who Changed the World” book

Seeing truly is believing. I’ve spoken to so many women and young girls who have told me that they did not pursue STEM because they could never find someone who looked like them in those fields. Sometimes all a young girl needs in order to believe that she can succeed at math or science is stories of other scientists who look like her, think like her and talk like her. A book talking about amazing female scientists is a great way to get young girls comfortable with the idea of pursuing STEM careers.



Nitasha Syed

Founder and CEO of Unboxd. We’re closing the Gender Gap in STEM.