One angry girl on the phone …

‘Do you even care for me?’ A voice crackled in my ear. I tried to ignore it, digging my head deeper into the book in my hand, trying hard to refocus on the plot that was thickening like Amazon’s forest.

‘Do you even know that I’m sitting on the floor.’ It continued again, this time with louder and angrier pitch. I couldn’t ignore this time. I raised my head and looked in front at a girl who was still shouting.

‘There are no chairs’, she was rambling, ‘This freaking airport is crowded like hell. When in the hell you will stop being busy for me? You are either driving when I call you or you are sitting in a meeting. When will you listen to me for once in the life? Hello.. Hello.. Hellooo..’

She repeated the poor word -hello -in ten different ways, torturing and twisting it mercilessly before she realized that the line had gone dead for a long time. She removed the phone from her ear and placed it angrily on her lap.

Spared of the cacophony the people sitting around her had a very evident look of relief on their faces. I too breathed a sigh of relief and decided to continue with my reading.

But as I was just about to tilt my head down, my eyes fell on that girl again. The girl was smiling. Only moments ago she was angry and shouting at the top of her voice, torturing the poor soul on the other side and the poorer souls sitting around her. And now she was smiling as if she had never been angry in her entire life.

It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. Just in front of her, in her hands held tightly, propped on her lap, was her iPhone. And her eyes was looking intently at that, smiling ever so intently.

And then it struck me that she was taking a pic of hers, a selfie, to immortalize her presence in this airport, while she sat on the floor, which I could make out didn’t happen a lot with her.

People criticize technology a lot, blaming it for the many ills that plague the society today. But as I looked at that girl, I realized it was the same technology that was making that girl smile, even if momentarily.

How many things can actually make a girl smile during her foul mood? Not many. Not many.

 — — 

PS: This post is not directed as a general commentary on girls. In fact yesterday only a boy sitting beside me on a flight was doing the exact thing — smiling while talking selfies. :)

Originally published at Tidbits.