The Nightmare

Just finished watching ‘Watchmen’ -Very visually striking movie. Good but kind of left a strange taste in my mouth, strange words in my head. Something dystopian. Something very negative and graphic. A Nightmare. Penning them here. Don’t judge. I’m not out of my mind :P


Long shadows in alley this night, flickering outlines in the fading lamps. This city is full of secrets. I have seen it whispering behind my back. Plotting and scheming and conspiring. The dark alleys are beasts waiting to draw you in, consume you. Eat up and expend. Ravage you. Crush you. Leave you in ruin. Leave you in decay. Its streets full of vermin. Lecherous and licentious. They will feed on you. Parasite. Bootlicker. They know of nothing but themselves. They care for nothing but themselves. Dog eat dog world. Every man for himself. The rats feeding on one another. Blood and Gore. Kill and skin. The air so stuffy in this city that it is difficult to breath. The air so poisonous that it chokes you when taken in, its fingers tightening around the windpipe. The night becoming darker. The hopes becoming dimmer. The devil rising from below. Hell breaking loose. Everyone killing, everyone feeding. The life has turned inside out. Nothing makes sense. Nothing is worth believing. I look above and cry, ‘Is anyone up there? Will anybody save us?’ .. Nothing. I heard nothing but a faint whisper… ‘No.’

Originally published at Tidbits.