In your shadows

The moments lived
 in your shadows.
 Hiding and lurking.
 Covering and cloaking.
 Always so near,
 yet so far.
 In that one hope,
 for that one wish.
 Hoping to feel,
 expecting to savor.
 One day,
 some day. 
 The depth of your gaze,
 into my eyes.
 The warmth of your breath,
 upon my neck.
 The softness of your touch,
 against my skin.
 The love in your heart.
 inside my own.
 And in those moments,
 I would burn in passion.
 And in those moments,
 I would get scorched in love.
 But isn’t that the reason
 for which a mayfly is born.
 To live for that one day,
 when it would fly long,
 only to kiss that flame.
 And feel that passion for a second,
 and burn to death in another.


Originally published at Tidbits.