Hope is a funny thing

Hope is a funny thing
 it makes you believe
 In what not and what not
 & the stories that deceive.

It motivates you to imagine
 a beautiful and lovely life
 Sunny, warm & cozy
 days with love & without strife.

You think of winning
 every battle you face
 Tough, tiring or scary
 every problem you can ace.

But life teaches you with whips
 as it is a strict teacher
 The hope which motivated you
 will disappear when you need her.

This inspiring hope of yours
 which appeared a sweet damsel
 Enticing, luscious & lovely
 deserted you & left you trampled.

Now you see yourself alone
 there is no option but to duel
 Wounded, bruised and bloodied
 You give your both heart and soul.

You might have cursed the whips
 and the never ending pain
 But it’s the only lesson
 which will put you in gain.

The efforts will carve you
 in making a gallant man
 Who is tough, stronger than steel
 & handle whatever a mortal can.

You don’t know why you started
 or if your hope was rational
 But what a man you have become
 as a result is really sensational.

You are neither afraid to go far
 nor afraid of the destiny
 You can duel, fight and beat
 be it any kind of travesty.

The fear of pain or loss
 can’t keep you from the fore
 Like a man blind in love
 you cry bring it once more

Originally published at Tidbits.