How To Be A Genius
James Altucher

Best thing I read in a long time.

And I could relate to it so much because I have had a glimpse of this life. Waking up early — seeing the sun rising from behind the mountain; sky turning into hundreds of shades every second, the cool breeze on your face, the raindrops in your mouth — in short little things that really matter.

Nothing can beat the satisfaction of seeing the rising sun. The sight of birds chirping and playing in the mid-air. The summer wind getting caught in your hair. It is a bliss.

And the reading. It has changed me. Just a little, till now— but I know it is a path that I always wanted to be in. The journey I was looking all my life. I am reading more and more now. Writing more. Hitting the gym more often. Listening to the songs that really take me to the another world.

Reading is a drug that transforms you. Changes you to your better self. A version that can think better, do better, and live better.

And professional life— it then just happens. It knows its place now. That it is just a part of my life. No more the center of my life. No more the pivot around which my existence moves. And it doesn’t mean I am getting bad at it. Or ignoring it. In stead, I am getting better at it. My work is better than it was ever. I am able to connect things, just like you said. And at less input cost — that is the time, the most valuable resource that we have.

The point is that — Process is important. I knew this line from like ever. But I really ‘know’ it now. It is a long way to go. This year. This decade. This life. And if one does not enjoy the process — learn to make it the foundation of life. Then the life lived is life wasted. Because then you are just a monkey, hopping from one day to another. One goal after another. And this life is no life at all. Because in such quest of making a living, we often forget how to live.

Thanks for your write-up. It was really really good.