Losing the one

The straight face you wear
 trying to hide that ache,
 The casual smile that appear
 I know it’s only a fake.

You walk with a gait
 like everything is jolly,
 The ‘too much’ effort you put
 reveals the painful folly.

How much you try to hide
 so much you try to control,
 Just a look in your eyes
 reveals the pain in your soul.

I know how it feels in your heart
 when you lose the one you yearn,
 Every sense, feeling and body part

 screams and curses your longing.

What Ill fate -that you lost the one
 the one who was so faithful?
 Or may be the ill fate that you loved
 which makes this pain so brutal.

I know I will keep moving on
 as time heals every wound,
 but time and again your memories
 would make a tear trickle down.

Originally published at Tidbits.