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Kishanganga hydroelectric plant — A strategic Advantage to India

One of the main reason why the game of chess is difficult to master is the way in which attack is build up in this game. In other games (sports) where the success of attack comes (mostly) from the swiftness of your physical motion. How (and how many) blows you land on your enemy. Outwit them with your brute power and maneuver, and outthinking them. But in the game of the chess, on the other hand, the focus is on disguising your blows for a later time. Which rather restricts the motion of your opponent than directly attack them. And this is the beauty of this game.

You build this stealth moves one by one. Hiding them for as long as possible. Until the right time arrives. And their use becomes unavoidable. Which then can be revealed, sometimes with an insignificant move. As simple as one step motion of a pawn. Simple only in their move, because the result is deathly.

kishanganga hydroelectric plant

A war between these two nations has always been a combination of the two — the brute strength and the strategic maneuvering. But with the advancement of technology, there has been a shift towards the ‘chess’ side of the war. How to build stealth moves that look so benign if looked from the outset, ranging from economic to political to trade. Their real impact visible only when they are revealed.

The Kishanganga hydroelectric plant is a case in example. This dam was inaugurated by our PM to divert water from the Kishanganga River to the Jhelum River basin north of Bandipur in Jammu and Kashmir. Even though it has long been in progress, its full impact is gaining attention now. Its real purpose coming to plain visible sight.

Why kishanganga hydroelectric plant is important?

Hiding behind this simple water conservation project is a brilliant strategic move that is going to provide an immense strategic advantage to India against Pakistan. A country that is still waging war against us, in its own stealth ways.

I remember a conversation I was having with my colleagues a few months back. We were talking about the degrading state of Indian relations with its neighboring countries. The main topic of discussion was how China was using its location advantage to choke India. By building roads and dams which were in direct conflict with India. That was when one of my colleagues said that we should do the same with Pakistan, unaware that Indian leaders were already on this.

Experts have revealed that Pakistan is already battling with an acute water shortage. Largely because of their own dismal water policy which is almost non-existent. have no water policy at all. In a time when the water shortage has assumed demonic forms in countries like South Africa. Pakistan is still living in the dark ages, totally neglecting this grave issue.

And with India’s numerous efforts, including the latest inauguration of Kishanganga dam, is going to hit them very hard. This has already resulted in the water drop of over ten million acre-feet since two thousand and two.

Indo-Pak War

This is a huge strategic advantage for us against a country that has made its ‘raison-d’etre’ to hinder our progress. To disrupt the peace times with terrorism. To coalesce with our enemies for its evil intentions. To spend millions of dollars in matching our war-arsenal, at the cost of education and liberty of its own people. And in the process leaving no stone unturned to inflict pain on us. To make sure that we live in perpetual fear.

To a country like this, we need every possible strategic option available to us. Kishanganga dam and more. So that we keep a rein on this uncivilized animal of a country that has made parleys with bandits against us.

Originally published at Tidbits.