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Life learning I got from reading SIXTY books this year

The TWELVE Life Learning that I got this year through my reading of Sixty Books. These learning are universal, applicable to all aspects of life.

Life Learning 1. All things are impossible until you have made a START.

I’m a slow reader. So it seemed utterly impossible to read sixty books a year. But now having actually read SIXTY, I realize, all things in life appear difficult only in the beginning. All it takes is making a start.

Life Learning 2. Always keep MOVING, even if it is at a walking pace.

Each day will present hundreds of reasons for you to skip things you’d resolved to do. The same was true for reading. But what really helps if you make SOME progress every day. Everyday. Any progress is infinitely better than no progress at all.

3. FOLLOW a schedule — it is key to success.

Our minds are programmed to find instant gratification. One more episode of FRIENDS is much more tempting than one chapter of thousand pages book of GAME OF THRONES. Sticking to schedule ensure we don’t give into the temptation.

4. But don’t beat yourself if you missed schedule once in a while.

However hard you may try, you’ll sometimes miss the schedule. Don’t beat yourself down for that. Especially for the things that really matter, like family, and friends. Take it as a deserving break, only to come back with renewed vigor.

5. Focus on the PROCESS more than the end goal. Like everything, your goals will keep changing.

To be frank, 60 is just a number. For some it might be 10, for others, it might be 100. Reading was not a race for reading so many books. It is the process that matters. Life is like that. You will laugh tomorrow at your ‘do-or-die’ goals of today.

Life Learning 6. It’s not a real GOAL if you think you can easily achieve it.

Let me tell you the truth. My target for the books to read this year was not sixty. It was eighty. If I’d taken a realistic target of thirty or so books, I might have read only thirty, max. Aim for the moon, then you’ll at least end up with the stars.

7. There are two types of LEARNING. It’s the second kind of learning that can truly make a difference

We can learn only so much from our experiences considering the limitation of our experiences. So, learn from others. Their experiences. This learning called vicarious learning that will really augment the quality of your life. And that’s what books provide in abundance.

8. You only have so much TIME in a day.

Sixty books a year translates to five books a month. One book every week. It is not easy. And once you fall behind it is difficult to catch up. A target like this makes you realize the passage of time, makes you give it more importance that it deserves.

9. But you’ll always have time for the things you truly LOVE.

In spite of the limited time in a day, you can always find time for things you love. Once I got hooked to reading, I was reading anywhere and anytime possible. While waiting for the cab, or taking a walk down the road.

10. Your BEST moments in life are yet to come.

Every time I put down a book I really loved, I would think that this is the best one out there. That nothing could beat it. Only to read a book a week or two later that would become my new best. Life is like this. Your best is yet to arrive.

11. There are no FINISH lines in life. Only new beginnings.

You’ll read a six hundred pages book. Maybe even read a hundred in a year. What then? Anything stops? No. Yet another book. Yet another set of sixty books. Every goal that you see is just a milestone for yet a new one.

12. If you really WANT something, the universe actually conspires in helping you to achieve it.

On a flight to Delhi, I met a person with whom I got into a debate on paperback vs electronic reader. He was the one who convinced me to try Kindle. And once I did, I was able to increase my reading speed, and time substantially. This is the biggest truth about life. New avenues open once you get into the thick of things.

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