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Something forgotten — Part 1

A four-part series

He was having a hard time concentrating on work. It was the month end and for the third day he was staying back late in the office. Ravi was working as the Area Sales Manager for Volkswagen and was looking after the Delhi Region.

Working in sales division meant frequent travels and erratic work-schedule. Meeting with corporate clients and dealership owners kept him busy even on weekends. The mad rush would peak at month end when pending vehicle orders needed to be cleared and sales target were required to be met.

This month was no exception. It was ten thirty in the night and Ravi was tired as hell. He loosened his tie and sank deep into the chair. There was a thick stack of reports lying on his desk which he needed to read for a presentation tomorrow. Even looking at that pile gave him a headache.

He fired up his laptop and checked the status of the inbox. There were thirty-seven unread messages. Then, he checked his mobile for any messages. There was nothing important. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh.

There was something missing, he thought. Like something that was not right.

The pressure situation was not new to him. Ravi was a star performer in his company. An MBA Graduate from a top B-School in India, he had overcome all kinds of challenges that life had thrust upon him. He graduated top in his class, landed the job in his dream company.

Working for two years in this company, he had never missed a target. Even this month he was sure that he is on track for closing a big order which will ensure that he would easily surpass the target. But something else poked his mind, like something he had forgotten.

He made a mental check of important items of the month. He checked his calendar for any meetings he had missed or reminder not met. He had done all the required paperwork. Next month he was going to Australia for a conference. He checked all the items in that list. Everything seemed complete, all engagements appeared to be in order.

As a final check, he scanned his inbox for any important communication overlooked by him. There was nothing, Still, the feeling of something forgotten lingered. He felt distracted, unable to focus on the work at hand.

Irritated, he shrugged his shoulders and blamed it on the lack of sleep and decided to take a coffee break.

It was exactly at this moment that a tear dropped from Nisha’s eyes who had waited all day for Ravi to call on her birthday.

To be continued..

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