Something forgotten -Part 3

A four-part series

While Ravi was drowned in office work in Something Forgotten # 1, Nisha waited with a bated breath for his call on her birthday in Something Forgotten # 2. which ended with a message from Ravi, which said…. –Nisha, we need to talk.

Now, part 3.

By the time Ravi had finished his work, it was close to eleven-thirty in the night. He looked around his office which had an appearance of a post-war battle arena. The chairs pushed out everywhere like the fallen martyrs. The messed up desks betraying the chaos of the day. But now, an eerie silence hung in the air. A silence so cruel and deafening that he could almost hear the sound of the breaking of Nisha’s heart.

He hurried out of the office.

His car made a screeching sound as he drove out of the basement. He tried to remember why he had sent her that message. Why now? We need to talk, he had typed these words and hit send, almost cruelly, without even thinking for once about how she would feel, that it would break her heart.

He had stopped loving Nisha a long time back. There were things that have happened. Things he should have told her. But he kept on pretending for her sake. He still cared for her. But then something triggered his motives today, caused him to take out his mobile tonight. In the middle of supposedly one of the busiest days and send those cold-hearted words, that would end everything between them.

He had no answer to this. Like he had no answer to why he kept continuing in a non-existent relationship with her.

He needed some answers. He wanted to talk. He wanted to make things clear. More than anything else he wanted to get this weight off his chest. And move towards the next step. Determined, he skipped the left exit that would have taken him to his flat. And in stead continued driving straight along the highway.

He covered the rest of the journey thinking about those times when he and Nisha were madly in love. When they could not get enough of each other. They were inseparable during that time, in college. It was less complicated then.

In these thoughts he didn’t realize that he had over driven by a block. Cursing himself, he took the U-turn towards the apartment.

Ravi climbed the three flights of stairs and found himself in a dimly lit corridor. The sodium light emanating from the bulbs rendered a dreamy like feel to the whole place. He was tired from the climb. He lumbered along to reach the lonely door at the end of the corridor. The door to her home, he thought.

He took a deep breath and raised his finger to ring the doorbell. There was no sound from insides. He thought of ringing the bell once more. But then decided to wait.

After a few seconds, when he was about to ring the bell, he heard some noises from inside. A faint rustling of a body shifting on the bed. A barely audible thud of bare footsteps on the floor. Approaching towards the door. Approaching towards him.

He realized he was breathing heavily now from anticipation. His heart was beating loudly inside his chest.

After a few moments that felt to him like eternity, the door opened. ‘Hi, Pooja,’ he said, almost whispering, ‘Please don’t close the door. I need to tell you something.

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