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This New Year — Find your purpose

And the meaning of life

I have often wondered about the infallibility of time. Its ability to go on and on with or without us. Like an arrow shot from a cosmic bow, it is traveling since eternity towards an unknown target on a journey which seems to be never ending. And we are just a passenger on this train, for a moment, and then our journey will end and turn to the dust like everyone else did before us.

We are, nothing, but a grain in a vast vast desert that has neither a beginning nor an end. Once you study the universe you will realize how small everything is. Even the mightiest of our imagination is minuscule when compared to the full scale of this universe. Everything dwarfs-the earths and the suns and the galaxies -as we go farther and farther into the cosmic scale.

Time and Space -the two dimensions of realities
that belittle everything we have seen and everything there is.

Still, such mortal human heart and mind are, that we cling on to the smallest of things, and the pettiest of issues. Our minds replaying, again and again, the insignificant and the trivialities as if they mean something, that they could put a dent in this universe.

We cry for their words and then we cry for their silences.
Our life is just a veil making us believe that we are not meaningless.

But then how do we justify our existence if we can only live a life that is inconsequential when compared to the eons that have gone by and eons still waiting to come? And what is the meaning of life, when we can only do the things that are powerless and can hardly put a scratch on the enormous time-space continuum?

How do we justify the eighty summers and eighty winters that we are given?
How do we bring a meaning to this life that begs a purpose and a meaning?

I have seen people with all the success in this world -

A high paying job, and a trophy wife,
In a Louis Vuitton Suit, adoring a Hermes Tie.

A car that turns more heads per minute than its engine.
A house that can accommodate hundreds and still be vacant.

But look closely, even they are plagued by the same voids that plague the man walking on the road with tattered clothes and an empty belly -loneliness, a craving for love, dissatisfaction. For a fleeting moment all the materialism creates an illusion of satisfaction, but only for a fleeting second.

The point is even all this money is not the panacea. For money and material possessions will not give what you were looking in the first place -contentment. The successful stars whom people envy give up their lives, the people living in palaces give up all comforts to travel to distant lands.

So where it is, the contentment, the happiness? Where can I find this?

I am too young and immature to answer this.

But I have felt that there are moments when we really love what we are doing, or are with someone whom we really love -it is then we live life, even for that single moment, but we really live, when the outside world zones out, all its chatter becomes a distant dream, when our mind and body transcends the physical three dimensions and move to a higher plane, where there is only realization -without the confining chains of words and the mockery of rational explanations -where we are so lost in that something or that someone that our whole attention -conscious and subconscious -becomes one, like a singularity, and then time slows down, every moment lingers for eternity and we live a lifetime in each second spent in that moment.

In love there is the secret to satisfaction,
in it is the elixir of life and of contentment.