I Will Never Lie to You
Dana Perino

I applaud your wish to put out the truth vice wishful thinking but the truth about conservatism is not what you think it is. Conservatism in the Republican Party died with Barry Goldwater. What you call conservatism is corporatism with an overlay of denial of reality, racism, misoginy and celebration of ignorance. I was a staunch republican who started to stray when Nixon fired his attorny general for pursuing the truth but actually clung to the fold until the week after W took office. I can no longer support a party that refuses to acknowledge their actions are hurting the vast majority of the people who live in the U.S.

Mr Trump is a fanciful dreamer, ignorant to a fault, a racist who hates anyone not wealthy and not white. He has no moral compass and no desire to learn. He has no clue what life is like for most of the population, and doesn’t care. You may tell the truth, but if you are still supporting him as the anser to the problems in this country or the world you are still lying to yourelf and your listeners.

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