Being Impeccable With Words

Words can have amazing capacity to shape our identities especially the words around what kind of person I am and what are my preferences. In one way words act as the most prominent input mechanism for our minds. The kind of input we give, the sort of suggestion mind generates and the process is so automatic that we hardly believe it could be the cause.

Among the bombarding of words around us, it’s the ones that we agree with create the real impact. Gradually these agreements become the voice in our head that tells us what kind of person we are. what we like and don’t like. But among all the words, why would anybody get into an unhealthy agreement like I have a low self-esteem? It is usually the byproduct of agreeing to something else without seeing the both side of agreement. Also, repetition and in the time of uncertainty trusting the words of authority and people we like create agreements.What makes it more challenging is our minds are predisposed to agree first and then disagree. If I say I am 32 years old, you would need a reason to disagree in your mind.

It is advised from the sages that we should speak with caution and in moderation and avoid gossiping. It is said that a spell is basically telling someone you are this and that. You are the average of five people around you because the input of the words will program your mind accordingly. It is well-known fact that world class athletes practice words of affirmation. Man uses his own words to understand what kind of man he is. Psychologists found out that the internal voice is one of the primary sub-modality to store the data and this data is the primary source for mind to generate suggestions, thoughts and desires.

Words are the way of programming the mind. It is essentially the food of our identity centers. Once you have identified your identity centers, you can feed or starve them with words. Using words lousily is a dangerous affair, especially when stating about yourself or your preferences. Too often unawarely we mould our words to accommodate greed or avoid bad feeling.

Words are not just input mechanism but the most dominating mechanism to express ourselves. We can access our internal reality and identity centers by watching the words coming out of our mouth. Using the words with understanding and impeccability create a cohesive identity inline with reality.

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