10 reasons why women should not drive !!!  


This article is inspired by a video done by an awesome guy from UAE , here he tells us No women No drive

  1. The first reason is that she is a women so she should not drive.
  2. There is a huge possibility that she might step on the accelerator when she needs to brake the car.
  3. Women don't believe in the idea of “ One-way “, for her every road is her road. I bet you have seen a women driving the wrong direction in a one way at least once.
  4. She doesn’t know how to park , We have seen over a dozen of movies where women smash the car when ever she tries to park one.
  5. There is a high chance that the radiation emitted by the carburetor can cause abortion and if you are not pregnant can cause pregnancy.
  6. If she is a Muslim she has to wear a burka and hence it make it difficult to see hence impossible to drive . If you are not a Muslim first convert to a Muslim then read this point again.
  7. If the car stops in the middle of no where there is a high chance to get raped / molested / killed/married . If you are daring enough to take care of yourself or to repair a car then go back to point one.
  8. Most girls cant even install NFS mostwanted in the first time the hell she will ride a real car.
  9. The most women friendly country in the entire Galaxy Saudi Arabia have prohibited women to drive .
  10. Now the most important one , the photo of women used in their driving license can be misused . Even kids nowadays know to use Photoshop very well.
Well seems like these 10 points were not enough for you .

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