Why IT professional are switching careers from Java to Big Data & Hadoop?

It is pretty clear that the Hadoop career trend is so much better than Java. We know this and it quite doesn’t mean that there is a fall in Java based job trend. It is just that with the rising surge in Hadoop and the demand for the firms looking for Java experts with understanding in Hadoop is too big to be overlooked. This is evidently seen in the job trend graphic representation for ‘Java with Hadoop’ skill kind of jobs. Online big data training course is becoming a choice for many working professionals,

There is this argument in all our lives where we think of changing careers or apprising our skill sets to improve our career growth or even to keep updated with the mounting trends. Then careful analysis of the present trend and observing the requirements serves as a good technique to choose which skill set get updated with. Looking at the current market, Hadoop and Big Data technology are increasing tremendously fast and has lots of market requirements as well. Big data certification courses are on high demand due to this market trend.

A rush in interest in “Big Data” is prompting many Development Team Managers to consider Hadoop technology as it’s progressively becoming a significant component of Big Data applications. In doing so, taking stock of the skills sets required when considering with Hadoop is vigorous. Big Data certification course which are offline are popular among the freshers who want to make it to the industry.

According to experts that a well-rounded Hadoop operation team’s skills should incorporate experience in large-scale distributed systems and familiarity of languages for instance Java, C++, Pig Latin and HiveQL. Data. It is now vibrant that having knowledge on Java is an indispensable skill needed in Hadoop.

Let’s go ahead and talk about how informal it is for you to switch from Java to Hadoop. When checking for job requirements for Java with Hadoop skills, there is an immense demand, nonetheless not enough professionals with the above said skill to meet the requirements. According to Developers Slashdot, JP Morgan Chase and other firms are looking for job applicants in this field at this year’s Hadoop World conference. It seems they couldn’t acquire ample IT professionals with certain skills that includes Hadoop Map Reduce. This means high compensation for professional who have undergone Hadoop certification course.

According to a recent survey, Java is the leading skill that hiring managers are currently looking for Java-Hadoop combined skill. Hadoop with Java is a valued skill as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) is written in Java. Conferring to Business Insider, Hadoop is valued at least $100k per year as salary. Job with Big Data skills offers more than $106k annually. Why it’s easier for a Java professional to switch to Hadoop? This means more opportunities for trained who have undergone Hadoop certification course.

Hadoop is an open-source, Java-based programming framework that maintenance's the processing of huge data sets in a spread computing environment. Based on Google’s MapReduce model, Hadoop allocates computing jobs and then syndicates results. The MapReduce scripts used here are coded in Java. Now, it is quite evident that to work on Hadoop, knowledge in Java is imperious. And having knowledge in Java makes it an easy job in changing over to Hadoop.