At KI labs, we have a beautiful office in the city centre of Munich, next to the famous Frauenkirche. Unfortunately, only two members of our rapidly growing team have keys for the office. Whenever someone comes to the office, the disturbing noise of the doorbell disrupts the deeply-focused developers. Someone has to take one for the team and press the button on the intercom, which is located far away from the desks. This is not only annoying but also disturbs their flow.

As a company full of engineers, we no longer wanted to keep this happening and implemented an agile…

At the end of March this year, we held our first official internal hackathon at KI labs, the KI hacks. The aim was simply to give everyone a chance to build something fun and interesting to them with no restrictions on the themes. The whole event was organized in the Munich & Lisbon offices over 36 hours during the week and had our friends from KI growth involved as well.

Sticker for the hackathon


There are many genuine questions and concerns when it comes to doing an internal hackathon on company time. …

Nithish Raghunandanan

Passionate about solving problems!

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