This is what I have told myself every single day. I personally think being a responsible person is what we must be as a human being. We do it so we take responsibility for it. It simply like that. I have been wondering why is it so hard for some people stand up for what they have done whether it is right or wrong? Imagine if what they have done get a compliment from other people, they would be definitely proud to tell everyone that they did it but it would be completely different if what they have done turns out wrong.

I have heard lots of people saying that being a responsible person is not easy. The reason is because they don’t want to be blamed or scolded from their superior if their tasks have gone wrong. In my point of view, being a responsible person is not different from dare to fail. Why am I saying this? Because when people dare to accept that they have made mistakes, it means they are willing to change and make it better. If people avoid their mistakes, it simply means they don’t accept that they have made a mistake and they won’t improve it. Of course, I definitely know that it hurts when someone put the blame on us after we made a mistake. However, no one is perfect, isn’t it? So we have to be aware that what are we going to do could be right and it also could be wrong.

I am a human and I have also made lots of mistakes. It is a matter of our response to our mistakes.


I have a practical example of how “being a responsible person” makes you become a better person and helps you to reach your goal.

I have once made a mistake unintentionally at my workplace. It was such a huge and serious mistake. Of course, I was so panic at that time. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating so fast, my face became pale. I asked myself what should I do? Without having a second thought, I sent an e-mail to the head of department as soon as I knew it. In the e-mail, I accepted that it was all my fault. I still remember that I wrote a word “sorry” not less than 5 times in that e-mail. I concluded my e-mail by asking him “How can I solve it? Should I (….)? Is it ok if I (….)?” Surprisingly, he replied to me that “Please calm down, Nika. Everything is going to be alright. It was all our faults not yours. I am glad that you ask for a solution” My panic was suddenly fading away and I started to feel even more guilty. I was thinking I was the one who made a mistake but he tried to comfort me and compliment me.

Well… My example does not end right there. Later on, I asked him for a recommendation letter when I applied for a scholarship abroad. Guess what surprised me again? He wrote in a letter that “She is a highly responsible person.” And, I have got that scholarship. His letter of recommendation is one of the important components to make my dream comes true.

Dare to accept your mistake does not really hurt you but instead, it brings you pride and value. However, I truly understand that it depends on the characteristics of the leader as well. I was absolutely amazed by the leadership skill of my Scottish head of department. He was the most understandable leader I have never met before. He encouraged his team members to change rather than put the blame on them. He turned his fellow employees’ weaknesses to be their strengths. That is how he earned incredible respect from me and other team members.

Being a responsible person does not only make you become a successful person at a workplace but also a better person in a family, society, and in the world. Just simply act responsibility to every little thing that you do in your daily life. You will be able to sleep well at night without worrying that “I have done something wrong and I am afraid that someone will figure it out.” Instead of feeling that way, you will have plenty of time to think of what should you do to make it better after admit that it was your fault. Nothing is secret in this world. You really cannot hide what you have done. So it is better to admit your faults before someone else help you revealing it.