The stage is made so every new member or part can simply sign in the square chain world and say “Hey” in an approach to grasp her. Simultaneously, HiBTC has a tendency to be the stage that remind every member, to be dedicated to the first desire and keep walking forward.

Points of HiBTC

HiBTC was not made just to be sit without moving and stale but rather to continue enhancing subsequently touching off their desire to go for additional. Their most extreme point stands to give a sheltered, productive, and helpful advanced resource exchanging stage for all member in the stage in to such an extent that every member can adequately accomplish the venture targets without stressing over close to home protection assurance or the security of computerized resources paying little respect to the measure of the exchange.

HiBTC additionally intend to make a totally shared, straightforward and reasonable venture condition. They do intend to consistently assign the stage incomes to all HiBTC holders and to likewise present a “Profit Bonus Program”. With this, clients can intentionally unite the program with part or the majority of the HiBTC it holds, which will influence them to appreciate distinctive extents of profit reward notwithstanding the fundamental profits.HiBTC likewise would like to disturb the obstructions to data asymmetry amongst investors and administration, and to construct a co-administered and shared hierarchical structure with the goal that each HiBTC holder has the privilege to take an interest in settling on the stage business choices.

Program Fomohibt

This is the program that has created a terrible attraction for the community, the amount of buyer in hibt has increased terrible, the price of coin hibt increase almost 80 %/ day. Please share the rules of this program below:

  • users dedicated positive hibt today is only, the user has energy dedicated positive hibtc 0:00 ~ 24:00 (UTC) EVERY NGÀY> 0, in the energy dedicated positive hibt=lượng buy in Hibt-energy sold out hibt-Energy Withdrawal Hibt. (Note: significant amount of untapped reserves hibt and money load money doesn’t count on contributed positive)
  • Conditions Activated: when start every discomfort will default activated hibt, in this won’t change, if a moment the price couple trade choice hibt ≥ price activated, so lake solve Enjoy immediately activated.
  • Distribution Bonus: after the prize lake activated, the positive tribute rankings hibt continue to compete. Background Debugger will base 23:59:59 hours days activated (UTC), table sort class special sacrificed positive hibt user distribution reward, 3 USER LED will after trip got 50 %, 20 %, 10 % of all reward in the lake prize, 20 % the rest will based on ratio sitting for user dedicated positive hibt other today activated. (if the pool prize not activated in a day, sort class contributed positive of hibt will be reset in time UTC 23:59:59. user dedicated positive hibt not today activated won’t get Bonus)
  • on the prize reward will be shot in wallet money hibtc of recipient in the day after activated.

Advantages of HiBTC

1 . Low fee transaction: Only is 0.1%. Fee will be returned in HIBT token

2 . No load payload : payload 0,001 BTC / 10 USDT

3 . Low fee Withdrawal : 0,0005 BTC / 8 USDT

4 . Dividend policy : Change the transaction fee to HIBT for the holder

The dividends we get from people or traders who sell and buy coins in the HIBT market.
we can also get fees from treding at the HIBT market.

Holding / mining: 50% HIBTC Tokens (HIBT) are given to users through the trading process. Users will get the HIBT amount when they trade on the HIBTC Exchange


HIBT token is the only token released from the HiBTC platform. Format of its extraction is mining through trade. Production of the token will cease at a time when the total number of them will reach ten billion tokens.

Only 50 percent of these tokens will be distributed as a reward for mining in the trading process. Other 18% are allocated to the holder of the general fund. Further, 25% are allocated to a team of developers and strategic partners, and 5% to most important investors. The remaining 2% of amount of ten billion is the promotion of the project.


The HIBTC venture is arranging different events. The abnormal state of profits is fascinating on the grounds that it enables us to utilize the arrangement of profits in excess. HIBT holders will have the right to participate in decision making process via voting. Voting will be facilitated by smart contract voting system.
A certain amount of HIBT holders will be awarded with right to recommend a token listing. For a clearer comprehension of the task, prescribed connections for additional perusal are given beneath.

Learn More About HiBTC with the links below

Exchange Link: https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

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