Mistress of Fire

From the first spark till the end, 
Until the last ash was set, she was a rebel.

Burned the insides of who dare touch her, 
And served it into the dying bare ground.

For as dark as coal was her soul 
And she burned beautifully every moment

Luring you into wanting to touch her, 
But that would be it and a sense of regret.

The dying sunset had given her all his colors
The precious hues of golden, yellow and red.

Her rage was hidden like scars under a masquerade,
But only she knew her power and desire.

Her flames were empowered from within
Her existence was a secret but a boon hidden.

She was fearless in the pursuit of the reason that set her soul to burn 
She burnt dungeons in hell and lastly set herself on fire.

- Nithya Sudhir