Top 5 WordPress Alternatives And Why WordPress Is The King!

We breathe WordPress, yes that’s true. We love WordPress more than you probably do and this post is going to make you do the same! After taking a good look at some posts with a list of WordPress alternatives, we decided to tell you why we think the CMSes out there are good and why WordPress is better.

WordPress is easily the most popular content management system available on the web today. And it’s a well-known fact that WordPress now powers around 27% of the websites in the world. But for most businesses, few platforms come close to offering the same degree of user-friendliness and expertise offered by WordPress.

There are 2.7 million global monthly searches for WordPress.

1. Drupal

Drupal is one of the very well known enterprise content management systems, one of the most popular WordPress alternatives used by a number of high-profile companies like the New York Observer, Popular Science, MIT, Sony Music, Fast Company, and many others.

WordPress and Drupal were released only a couple of years apart, but WordPress has gained a user base almost 10 times that of Drupal.

So if you are not the coding types and you’re thinking of Drupal then you must know this: Drupal developers are not easy to get a hold of. And since they have had to go through the steep learning curve of getting to know Drupal, their services are expensive, unlike WordPress. You can take a look at our WordPress Maintenance Plans and see for yourself!

2. Joomla

Joomla is also one of the top open-source enterprise content management systems designed for developers with coding experience rather than beginners who are more dependent on website builders for creating web content. It is used by some very prominent companies as the CMS for their websites, including MTV, Harvard University, and IHOP.

Known for a large number of extensions, Joomla offers more than 7000+ extensions to its users. These extensions are available for both front and backend functions that can be added or deleted at any time. But compared to the 50,000 different kinds of plugins available in the WordPress repository, your chances of finding what perfectly fits your need on WordPress is going to be much simpler.

3. Silver Stripe

Silver Stripe is an open source enterprise content management system that is well-suited for developers and designers who are comfortable with code. They have recipes and tutorials for beginning developers and plenty of modules for things like blogs and forums.

SilverStripe is a powerful, flexible and brilliantly developed piece of software with a great potential ahead of it. Silver Stripe suits experienced developers searching to render complex data, filter content efficiently, or create customized views of data. If you are a beginner and you don’t know coding, then SilverStripe is not for you. WordPress, contrastingly, is the tool of choice for those (either the greenest of users or experts) looking for fast website solution with great functionality and flexibility at the same time.

We have compared the Top 5 WordPress alternatives in this post and written about how WordPress is better and why we recommend WordPress to you!

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