3 hours late.

EST is the time zone I’ve almost always lived in until I moved to the Bay Area 16 days ago for an internship at a startup (classic Silicon Valley, I know). It took me ~5 hours to travel from DC to the Bay area and in that time I lost 3 hours, and now I always feel like I’m 3 hours late.

With me more than 2,000 miles away, my entire world still operates on the EST, except for me. Everyone from our financial world in NYC to our government in DC, my friends and family, and even my evening TV shows. From a west coast perspective, I feel like I’m missing out.

These are only a few examples of how those 3 hours have affected my life thus far. The worst indication of the time difference is feeling like you woke up 3 hours late.

I wake up at 4am PST.

Not by choice.

But by the text messages, emails, tweets etc I start receiving then. At 4am, most of the world is up and running while on the West Coast we are 3 hours behind, or as I feel like, 3 hours late.

How does this affect your life? Tweet at me @nitipaudyal and share with me.