Many a times this question arose in my mind that what does it really takes be in a happy marriage. According to me it was loyalty and trust, but as I grew up my views have changed drastically. Being a Counsellor I come across people of all ages and phases of life who are married or have been at some point in their lives. Talking about other aspects like the degree to which two companions care about each other, respect, keeping the spark alive, being loyal, these all are essentials but what if problems surround your togetherness?

When a person is weak, vulnerable and disheartened by failures, it is very clear that he is not his/ her real self. He resorts to his coping patterns whatever they may be or might have formed during his upbringing. In this situation obviously he is not patient and considerate enough to fulfil all the parameters. So what do you need to be happy and be together? Is it love? Is it loyalty? Because I have seen loyal people part ways with each other as well.

I think its the internal will of ours which can keep a marriage strong even in difficult times. It doesn’t even have to include the best understanding with your significant others. Because your partner might be weak ocassionally. So, sometimes its up to you to keep your weakness below your partner’s so as to lift both of you up gradually.

I believe until its a case of serious disrespect or anything grave according to you for that matter, we should take initiative to nurture and take responsibility of our relationships. Because NOBODY IS PERFECT. But it’s us who make our own perfection. We can create love and togetherness.

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