Facebook — What’s wrong with you


Let me keep this short and sweet. I didn’t have anything to complain about Facebook till today. But all of sudden something appeared in my Facebook, which changed my whole perspective about it. Yes It’s about “Privacy”.

I used to be the guy, who cares less about “Privacy” when people use it to bash Facebook. I felt like, there is nothing which I need to concern about. I am neither terrorist nor do something wrong against law. Whether someone tracks my Facebook or anything, what they get to know is “about me”, which is already well known to my friends and family. There’s nothing to hide from this world.

But, what happened today is something really shocking. I will share the screenshots to give glimpse of what went wrong.

Facebook is asking me to add my phone number. But how the hell it populated someones number out of nowhere?
A quick search on “TrueCaller” shows the number belongs to some other guy named “Nitin”

Whether you might have understood the issue by now or not, let me explain here

  1. Facebook asking me to add my number to my profile, which I always used to ignore. It keeps asking me the same question once in a while. Cool, no problem, move on. But today, it auto populated with some number which is not mine.
  2. A quick search on “TrueCaller” revels that phone number belongs to some other person who is sharing similar name with me.

Now this is the big concern for me, how can you suggest some other person phone number to me? How does Facebook thinks this is even my number. You can track my data which I am freely sharing to the world or in your site. Probably I have accepted all your terms and conditions for the same. But I never accept suggesting some random user personal data to me, which is very very personal. I am not sure, where to report this issue. A support request to Facebook about this, was turned down.

I hope this somehow reaches Facebook and other people so that they can actually understand what’s wrong trying to be too smart with people [with wrong personal data of someones].

Signing off.

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