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Consider this.

You are doing a kickass job. The whole team is working brilliantly. Suddenly you find yourself a bit short on time. The constant stream of work keeps coming up. You notice this and decide to spend an extra hour a day to stay on top of things. Easy-peasy.

Few weeks on, you notice the same thing happening again. There is too much on your plate. You decide to prioritize the urgent and put everything else (including the important) on the backburner. You are able to push through the work, while things steadily start stockpiling. …

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One big part of a product manager’s job is to set the product vision and create the product roadmap. A PM needs to decide what need’s to be built and what needs to be discarded.

To make the best product decisions, product managers need to be relentlessly curious. They need to be curious about the possible next big idea. They have to be always curious about their user’s experience. They have to be curious about the market and competition.

For this, they need to keep asking the whats and whys repeatedly.

While the best product strategies are data-driven, data alone…

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The product manager is quite a coveted post. Since the role lies at the intersection of design, development, and marketing, it makes sense that people in all these fields could possibly one day fit in the role. This doesn’t mean that the work of a PM is easy, but it can well act as a point in the career path of many professionals.

But not every Product Manager’s journey is the same. There are many different paths leading to the destination. Some people get a PM role right after an MBA. Some spend years starting in a developer role, growing…

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I have been pretty busy with work lately. Turning into a workaholic you can say. In the past few months, work has taken up a lot of my time and mental effort.

So, when I messaged one of my friends a few days ago, the conversation went something like this (note that we hadn’t spoken for a few months):

Me: Hey
Friend: Hi
Me: Sup. How’s it going?
Friend: Good! Sup with you?
Me: I’m good too, been busy with work.
*Some more conversation*
Friend: How’s life outside of work?

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The modern world is built of companies having multiple employees working together. Companies success depends on how well these employees can collaborate. Surely you can be a lone wolf, but in most scenarios, you work as a part of the team.

Your team can be built of different types of people. People with different values and goals. Some you may like, some you don’t. Some you relate with, some you don’t. You can choose the type of work you want to do, but not your teammates. At least in most cases.

But as you try to learn and improve yourself…

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