2016. A year full of lists.

All of my lists

I kept my lists in a certain order. The current month’s goals were at the top. Followed by my “Daily to-dos”. Then financial reminders, groceries, and project-specific lists. After that were previous month’s lists and finally my “Long-term” list.

I dream of a better way to organize these lists but this is the best I could do

Daily lists

This list was constantly evolving and included tasks from other lists. Everything I needed to do eventually made it’s way onto this list. It included tasks for the monthly goals I wanted to accomplish, tasks from my project-specific lists, and other tasks such as taking out the trash, cleaning, and getting groceries. I used reminders to notify myself when I needed to do certain things. This list was constantly being re-arranged, which was relatively easy with the app’s drag and drop interaction. I checked this list throughout the day, always seeing what was up next.

This list included tasks from other lists, some were grouped together for ease, and I used reminders A LOT.

Monthly lists

Every month I made a couple of goals I wanted to accomplish and put them in it’s own list. When I populated my Daily list, I would double check this list to see if I was on the right track. Crossing off items made my daily list very motivating. The act of swiping to ‘cross off’ an item and hearing the ping for finishing a task was nice. But, many of my monthly goals weren’t accomplished within a month. Those goals were in next month’s list and now looking back, I can easily see which goals were harder to achieve than others.

August was pretty productive, although every month did NOT look like this. Unsuccessful goals we re-assessed or moved to next month’s list.

Project specific lists

Everyone should have a side project, a side gig, or some sort of side hustle. I used lists to keep track of all the other stuff I needed to do. I created one for each class in my User Experience program at MICA, for my weekend projects, and the list for Explainer Videos for Startups is 40+ strong. It’s always cool going back and seeing what you’ve accomplished

I would never have remembered this stuff if I didn’t write it down somewhere.


I learned a lot. I learned about goal setting, time management, and how little self-discipline I actually had. However, I was successful here and there. I “learned to code”, applied to and enrolled into a graduate program, and started a couple of side projects.



Motion and UX Designer. @Nitinsampathi

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Nitin Sampathi

Nitin Sampathi

Motion and UX Designer. @Nitinsampathi