Learning about your users

Thoughts so far

This program so far has been challenging and rewarding . All the classes have been taught by industry professionals and I’ve learned a lot about particular nuances of UX design processes.

The Class

The goal of this class was to learn about users. From the course description: “a course designed to provide students with real world case-studies that illustrate challenges faced in the UX industry specifically related to end users”.

  • Poor form UX, No error handling
  • Not mobile friendly.
  • Any search returns a query of the whole database. They even show a pop up telling you it might take a while.
  • Search results are displayed in a 15 column table that extends off screen. Many fields are empty depending on the search parameters.
  • Although it informs you of the cost, drivers need the when, where and how to retrieve the car.



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Nitin Sampathi

Nitin Sampathi

Motion and UX Designer. @Nitinsampathi